Winsford Town Council, from time to time, advertises the delivery of particular pieces of work/projects or the delivery of particular services with a view to appointing someone (whether it be an individual, company or other organisation) to do this work on our behalf.

This process is called ‘tendering’ and this is the section of the website where we will advertise anything which we need doing and invite anyone who is interested to bid for this work.

In other words, within certain rules set by the Town Council, anyone who is interested in doing work for us will let us know they are interested and then will indicate how much they think it will cost them to do the work. This cost is then paid out by the Town Council to whomever is the successful bidder.

The agreement between the Town Council and the successful bidder is set out in a contract whereby the bidder promises to carry out the work and the Town Council promises to pay for this work.

The value of contracts can range from relatively small amounts to many thousands of pounds and the value of a contract will affect how the contract is awarded.

For work with a value below £1,000, the Town Clerk has the authority to place orders – providing that approval has been obtained from the Town Mayor and the Chair of the Town Council’s Finance Committee.

For work which is valued between £1,000 and £5,000, the same process applies, although three quotations should be obtained if possible and endorsement should be sought at the next Finance Committee meeting.

For work valued between £5,000 and £20,000, any decision on who to award the work to will be made by the Town Clerk, the Town Mayor and Chair of Finance. If necessary, these three individuals can decide to undertake a formal tender process.

A formal tender process consists of the following steps:

• A specification for what work needs to be done is drawn up;
• An invitation to tender is sent out including the above specification; the date, time and address for the submission of tenders; the date of the Council’s response to the tender; and rules around prospective contractors not contacting Town Councillors or Town Council staff to try and gain their support for the bid
• The invitation to tender is advertised in local newspapers
• Tenders are submitted in writing
• Tenders are opened by the Town Clerk in the presence of the Mayor and the Chair of Finance; and
• Tenders are reported to and considered by the appropriate Council or committee meeting

The Town Council, in making these decisions, does not necessarily have to choose the lowest bidder.

Any contract above the value of £138,893 is subject to further rules including EU procurement rules.

Further details can be obtained from the Town Clerk at mail@winsford.gov.uk