Council Calendar


Day View

There are no items to view at this time.

How to use the Calendar

To navigate the Calendar, and quickly find what you are looking for, you can use these methods:

  1. To navigate to other months/years, you can simply select the desired Month and Year from the dropdown menus at the top of the Calendar, then click the "Go" button.
  2. You can quickly see if there is an item to look at on any given day, indicated by an icon (see the Calendar Legend).

To view details of these items, follow these instructions:

Large Devices (TVs, PCs & some Laptops
  • You can hover your mouse over the icon to see the items Title
  • You can click on the icon to go straight to the page that gives full details of that item
  • You can also click on the Day number in the calendar, which will show you all items on the selected date in the "Day View" section on this page
Mobile Devices (Tablets and Smartphones)
  • A date with items will be indicated in a different colour, so all you need to do is tap on the date you are looking for, and the items for that date will be shown in the "Day View" section. Once you have found the item you want, just tap on the Item Title in the "Day View" section to view the item's full details.

Calendar Subscriptions

This calendar is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCalendar & Gmail Calendar. In order to display events from this calendar in your personal calendar, simply follow these instructions:

  • Click the "Subscribe" button at the bottom of the Calendar.
  • The Calendar Feed URL automatically gets copied to your clipboard.
  • In Outlook, click on your calendar at the bottom of the left hand menu.
  • In the Outlook ribbon, click on "Open Calendar"
  • From the dropdown list, click on "From Internet...
  • Paste the URL into the box in the popup.
  • That's it!  After a Send/Receive, the calendar will populate with the items from this Calendar.