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  Agendas are now online for the following meetings, to be held on Monday 17th December 2018, starting at 6.30pm (second floor, Wyvern House, Winsford CW7 1AH)   Finance Committee http://www.winsford.gov.uk/eh-council-meets-cpt/finance-committee-monday-17th-december-2018-6-30pm/   Town Council http://www.winsford.gov.uk/eh-council-meets-cpt/town-council-monday-17th-december-2018-no-earlier-than-6-45pm/

    Under the various regulations and laws which govern the way town councils are run, all local residents within each town council area have the right to inspect the town council’s accounts each year during a period of time referred to as ‘the period of exercise of public rights’. The period of rights for […]

Published on Friday, June 22nd, 2018
by Mark Bailey

  Agendas for the June meetings of the Town Council and the Finance Committee are now online. Links are below. Finance Committee – 18th June 2018 – http://www.winsford.gov.uk/finance-committee-monday-18th-june-2018/ Town Council – 18th June 2018 (after conclusion of Finance Committee) – http://www.winsford.gov.uk/winsford-town-council-monday-18th-june-2018/  

Published on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
by Mark Bailey